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  5. "The park is not there."

"The park is not there."

Translation:A park nincs ott.

September 22, 2016



Is this right? I was told by a Hungarian teacher a while back to never say "nem van" -that I should always use "nincs" - but here "nem ott van a park" is listed as a correct answer. Is this a mistake, or was my teacher speaking too generally?


It's a correct answer, and your teacher was correct. Nem ott van a park is saying nem ott, which is fine. It's not saying nem van. In other words, it's the ott is being negated, rather than the verb.

Nem ott van a park is like, the park exists (the verb van is positive), just "not there". It would be consistent to continue the sentence with something like Nem ott van a park, hanem itt a múzeum mellett. (The park is not there, but here by the museum.)

A park nincs ott is just like, the park is absent, doesn't exist (nincs).


Thank you! I was really confused.

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