"I cycle to the factory, work there and walk back."

Translation:Elbiciklizem a gyárba, ott dolgozom, és visszasétálok.

September 23, 2016

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Why elbiciklizem and not biciklizem?


"biciklizem" is more just the act of riding a bike.


I don't know, but I'm guessing it depends on context (that we never are given) and where the speaker is speaking from. I guess since they work there they are starting here and must therefore bike away to get to the factory. Am I close?


Why not "gyàrhoz"? Sometimes I do really not feel the difference. Thank you.


They now accept "gyárhoz"; I'd be inclined to leave my bicycle outside.


De hogy visszajön a bicikli?


Well, I got the "és visszasétálok" part right... :P


A good start! :)

"Ikes ige" ("-ik" type verb) or not, I would probably have said "dolgozok" here. And probably also "Elbiciklizek". To me, these are two of those verbs where it can go either way.


Is it okay to say "dolgozom ott"?


Elbiciklizem? v. Elbiciklizek!! (???)


As an -ik verb. The standard first person singular indefinite is elbiciklizem. Although many Hungarians say "elbiciklizek" - just like many English speakers say "ain't".

My current Hungarian tutor tells the story of school milk and the teachers being unsure of whose parents had paid and whose had not, so they devised a test. They would ask "Iszol?" Any child who answered "Iszom" would be given the milk. Those who answered "Iszok" would not.


I'm not sure if that's a more or less frustrating way to learn than using Duolingo.

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What about 'odabiciklizek?


A compliment for Duo because gyárhoz is also accepted. It's possible to ride into the factory on a bicycle but more common, I would say, to ride to it and for the bike to remain outside. I see that this was raised a year ago and resolved.


A gyárba elbiciklizem stb. is not accepted, why? I think the gyár can be the focus of this sentence.


No - the focus is on the verbs. You are listing three. And if you wanted to emphasize the factory ie if there were not two other verbs following, it would be "A gyárba biciklizem el" - ie the preverb would split off


Yes, this time I agree. It's the contrast between cycling there and walking back. I think that's a more obvious focus issue.

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