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Ukrainian Keyboard.

I have the digital layout that you get from the control panel, but I want a physical Ukrainian keyboard. I can't find one myself, so I was hoping someone knows a website that I can buy one off of, seeing as I don't live in Ukraine.

September 23, 2016



Is having a keyboard sticker an option? Like this one: https://www.amazon.com/Ukrainian-Cyrillic-Lettering-Transparent-Background/dp/B000ZMZ0IK

By googling I found a website which sells Ukrainian keyboards. But it's a bit pricy: http://www.buypcsupplies.com/product/38595/


Thank you, kind sir.


Нема за що ☺

Also, if you are familiar with the ten fingers "blind" typing method with a Latin keyboard, it's not a big deal to adapt to Russian /Ukrainian keyboard layout.


I had never heard of that.


Have a look at https://www.keybr.com It offers nice training for the touch typing.


In case anybody stumbling across this thread has the same question:

Amazon in the US stocks three keyboards dual labeled in Russian Cyrillic and English. I just plugged mine in and am giving it its first test drive on the Ukrainian tree. The Ukrainian keyboard layout (the Enhanced Ukrainian layout is the one to use since it has the apostrophe) is only different from the Russian by a few keys with characters Ukrainian doesn't have swapped out for ones it does.

For those who might be studying both Ukrainian and Russian, you can avoid constantly having to scroll through all three layouts in Windows by setting up Russian as an input method for Ukrainian or vice versa (i.e. add Ukrainian as an additional language under Language preferences but then click on it and add Russian as an additional keyboard layout under Ukrainian). Then Alt+Shift goes back and forth between Latin and whichever Cyrillic you happen to be using at the moment. You chose that with Cntrl+Shift. Of course you can do similar things with Latin, setting up the French, Spanish, International, etc layout as an input method for English.

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