"I am ready."

Translation:Io sono pronto.

February 6, 2013

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    Why would "Sono pronto" be the only correct answer? Aren't the others at least possible sentences grammatically?


    There's always "sono pronta", if I'm a woman.

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      Again confusion arises from Duolingo's practice of attaching a comment to a sentence, etc., when it reappears in another context. What I commented on was this same sentence in a multiple choice format, where one or more of several translations could have been correct. However, my comment now follows the sentence wherever it goes. I think it is a flaw in the program that should be corrected.


      Agreed... I've already been through the same problem


      There is an early quiz: "Sono pronta" which Duolingo translates as "I am ready". So why does this use: "Io sono pronto" use "pronto" instead of the aforementioned "pronta" with an "A"??


      Pronto is a man speaking about himself, pronta is a woman. If you're translating from English, either should be correct.


      "Sono a posto" is also a possible answer.


      So I imagine in the italian version of Spongebob, he says something along the lines of "SONO PRONTO! SONO PRONTO!"


      Why not: "ho finito?"


      By mistake i put " Pronta " and it's accepted

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