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  5. "I am ready."

"I am ready."

Translation:Io sono pronto.

February 6, 2013



So I imagine in the italian version of Spongebob, he says something along the lines of "SONO PRONTO! SONO PRONTO!"


Why would "Sono pronto" be the only correct answer? Aren't the others at least possible sentences grammatically?


There's always "sono pronta", if I'm a woman.


Again confusion arises from Duolingo's practice of attaching a comment to a sentence, etc., when it reappears in another context. What I commented on was this same sentence in a multiple choice format, where one or more of several translations could have been correct. However, my comment now follows the sentence wherever it goes. I think it is a flaw in the program that should be corrected.


Agreed... I've already been through the same problem


There is an early quiz: "Sono pronta" which Duolingo translates as "I am ready". So why does this use: "Io sono pronto" use "pronto" instead of the aforementioned "pronta" with an "A"??


Pronto is a man speaking about himself, pronta is a woman. If you're translating from English, either should be correct.


"Sono a posto" is also a possible answer.

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