"The kindergarten teacher is flying above the long street."

Translation:Az óvónő a hosszú utca fölött repül.

September 23, 2016

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Was this sentence strung together from randomly selected words? Or is it referencing a mytho-poetic image whose meaning is not readily apparent? Or was the DuoLingo team's imagination fired up with a a bit too much peach brandy? Either way - it's a very odd sentence.


You may need to catch up on Mary Poppins... :)
But there may be some "barackpálinka" involved. It is easier to find your home following the street lights.


Bravo Magyar DuoLingo Team! I had a feeling that this, let's say - challenging sentence - came up amidst a happy, late-night, barackpálinka-fuelled session. ;)


I mean, let's hope it did! Otherwise we need to be seriously concerned about their mental well-being. :)


Az óvónő repül fölött a hosszú utca (incorrect)??


why can't be "óvónéni" instead of "óvónő", or "felett" instead of "fölött". I think both should be accepted. (I am failing the test all the time eventhough I am a hungarian :D )

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