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Design suggestion - font change

I found it extremely hard to distinguish the tittle (dot) of the regular lower-case "i" from the acute accent of the long lower-case "í". I browse in Chrome, and I got the Stylish add-on that allows me to define my own CSS for each website. After changing the Duolingo body font to serif, it's now much easier for me to see the difference.

I'm no CSS or design whiz, but I do know usability. :) Would you all please consider changing the font from the current "museo-sans-rounded"? Legibility is kind of important.

(Also, I'm not sure if I've picked the right topic -- please move as appropriate.)

September 23, 2016



The problem with í is the same in many other courses, including Spanish and Irish. It appears even problems in the very first and core course were not enough for Duolingo to fix it.

There's also problem that Duolingo's copy of Museo Sans has characters only up to U+00FF, i.e. only so-called Western European characters, which makes some accented letters in Hungarian, Turkish, Polish, Esperanto, Welsh and other languages like that look bad. They should fix that too, especially since Turkish dotless i (ı) also looks confusing. ALso, the capital i looks similar to lowercase L, which confused people in the Welsh course when they come upon capitalized words staring with i and a vowel.

Long story short, I think Museo Sans is a nice font, but it's not appropriate for language learning.


I think if the creators could change it, most courses would already have. Some special characters (ő, ę &c) look dodgey sometimes.

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