"A betörők besétálnak a kávézóba."

Translation:The burglars walk into the café.

September 23, 2016

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Be-tör-ő, in-breaker, German: Einbrecher
Betörend (German) - charming. Most burglars are not.


Danke für die Eselsbrücke!


Is kávézó regional? In my 2 years in Szeged, it was always a kávéház. I never heard this word for a café...and I spent a LOT of time in cafes!!


I would say "kávézó" is "a place where you can drink coffee". The same way you might say "eatery" for a restaurant or buffet or other place that serves food. But few restaurants would call themselves "eatery".
A "kávéház" is a nice "kávézó".


Living in the central part of Hungary (near Szolnok) I always see all these kinds of kávézó, söröző, borozó and even dohányzó. ;)


Is this the first sentence of a famous Hungarian joke?

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"A betörők besétálnak a kávézóba." = "The burglars stroll into the café." because sétálni = to stroll.

If they go into the café, then it is "A betörők bemennek a kávézóba."


I translated it as "robbers", but it was no accepted. I wonder why


A betörő is quite literally someone who breaks into someone else's property. (Be-tör means "to break in".) I don't think "robber" covers that nicely, many "robberies" don't do much breaking. But then again, I'm not sure if "burglar" covers it either.


In English we also use the term coffeehouse as opposed to cafe but it was not accepted.


Uh, what is the criteria here for using the simple or continuous form - it's ever changing. Why suddenly not "are walking"??


The difference is not significant, so both tenses should be accepted. :)


I completely agree


the burglars walk IN the cafe.Is this wrong?Why? Getting in a house ,a room, It is not doing a catheterisation when you really get INTO something.Please explain.K SZ.


Mercedes, "into" generally talks about a movement to the inside of something, while "in" usually refers to staying in one area.

  • He walks into the room. - He enters the room.
  • He walks in the room. - He is inside the room, walking around.
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