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Tips and notes for δικός

I was a little bit confused while doing the lesson on δικός, and it'd be a lot more understandable if there was something in the notes to refer to. Once I've strengthened the skill, the connections will come, I suppose. And once again, thank you for this amazing course!

September 23, 2016

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I am a bit short for time, so I'll just edit and copy here my recent comments for the course sentence "Ο σκύλος είναι δικός σου. " - "The dog is yours".

Δικός means 'own', and σου means 'your'. One language's words match those in the other in this sentence (if you just ignore the article and the reverse order): Ο δικός σου σκύλος - Your own dog.

'Yours', as it stands alone in "The dog is yours" English sentence, cannot be conveyed in Greek in the same way, in one word: we use δικός σου for that too: Ο σκύλος είναι δικός σου - The dog is yours.

We use just σου if it is to follow the noun as σου cannot stand alone in a sentence; it needs to follow a noun or δικός. When following a noun the structure is: Ο σκύλος σου - Your dog.

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