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"Ο Προτεσταντισμός και η Ορθοδοξία είναι δύο χριστιανικές θρησκείες."

Translation:Protestantism and Orthodoxy are two Christian religions.

September 23, 2016



I think it would be better to say they are two christian denominations (χριστιανικά δόγματα).


Hi! We haven't taught the word δόγμα/δόγματα and therefore we cannot add this sentence.


Grammatically correct but factually incorrect sentence.


No, they aren't different religions, but different forms of Christianity according the Wikipedia, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eastern_Orthodox_Church and https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Protestantism . I think it is a non-biased term that doesn't not uses the term "heresy", as this term is so much charged, from the Ancient verb αίρω, a different dogma, that separated from the mainstream. https://el.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/αίρεση


When will the new tree come out?


could 'creed' translate θρησκεία?


No, that would be ήθος, ηθική, δεοντολογία, σύστημα ηθικών αξιών


...which sell the same product under different trademark.


Different recipe?


orthodoxy should not be accepted as a translation of ορθοδοξία. It should be Orthodox Christianity. Orthodoxy means something else


Προτενταωτισμος.Yes, it is a mistake,but could you not give a typo and not making write all this long, repetitive and boring sentence again?Good you are removing this chapter from the new tree.


Good morning Mercedes!!!

The word Protestantism is not much longer than its English counterpart. He actually wants to show you how words are formed with a small addition to the suffix.

  • Προτεστάντης => Προτεσταντ"ισμός"
  • Κομμουνιστής => Κομμουν"ισμός"
  • Άθεος => Αθε"ϊσμός"

This observation of the variations in words can help you understand the "mechanism" of word construction.


I learned about this several years ago.My hope was the DUO can b a bit more forgiving,that is all. Second issue:have you a further Greek course?I would very much like to carry on learning.Greek Team has done a very good job. Third question:there were some "rumours"about Duo starting a course of Αρχαια Ελληνικα.Please take me in account if you ever start such course.Many thanks.

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