"A politikusok és a riporterek a Parlamentbe sietnek."

Translation:The politicians and the reporters hurry to the parliament.

September 23, 2016

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It sounds more natural in English to leave out the second "the" - "the politicians and reporters hurry..."


if it's 'a Parliament' shouldn't it translate to 'the Parliament'?


This should be "the Parliament Building" or "Parliament House". When you write "parliament" in English it only means the legislative body of people in government.


Please, please, please use this word correctly!


I guess it emphasizes the place by its function (place of assembly) and not by the building. But both versions could be accepted.


can you use "a Parlamenthez" for "to the Parlament?"


I am a fellow student only, but I think that suggestion isn't correct. "Parlamenthez" would mean that they are hurrying in the direction of the Parliament building, while the meaning of the sentence is that they intend to get inside since both "work" :)) there


IMHO the English translation could be slightly different : "Politicians and reporters hurry to the Parliament"


An earlier exercise required "the Parliament" but this one doesn't. I suspect this one has been "corrected" and the other one will follow. :)


Yes it seems clear this sentence refers to the Parliament Building in Budapedt specically, not parliament generically, but it was marked wrong. Reported


Here's an interesting conundrum: yes, I got burned when I said:
A politikusok és a riporterek a Parlament besietnek.


You need to have the -ba/-be ending on the noun to indicate that they are hurrying into the parliament building. Without that, parliament is just a noun sitting in the middle of your sentence.

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