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"Tồn tại cố gắng thắng, sống cố gắng chia sẻ."

Translation:Existing is trying to win, living is trying to share.

September 23, 2016



cảm ơn, sensei


For this sort of abstract statement, I prefer:

"To exist is to try to win; to live is to try to share."

I submitted it so hopefully it will eventually be accepted...


this is just so confusing and it doesn't make sense. It makes it too hard to remember the actual language in my opinion


Once again the black and white and very bland Duolingo English bounced my proposal : “to exist is attempting to win and to live is attempting to share”.


I had this with 'trying'. Yes, it's hard to have all possible synonymous phrases in the course, không sao.


Is this a traditional Vietnamese saying, or did somebody just make it up for this course?


'To exist is to try to win; to live is to try to share.' could also be correct?


DUO, the gerund was not given on the drop-down form; therefore, you should accept "the attempt" in leiu of "trying to/attempting to."


When I tap on the translation for the words, it says "an attempt to", but for SOME REASON it doesn't say that's a correct answer

[deactivated user]

    that's when I get brain freeze...

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