"Is that tiger in this direction?"

Translation:Az a tigris erre jön?

September 23, 2016

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And where is jön in English sentence? I think it should be something like "does that tiger come in this direction".


I agree. I will report that. I hope you did so, too.


My multiple choice answer had the same question with erre and erről. I selected both and was told only the erre variation was correct, is this true? The English translation is ambiguous, not specifying whether the tiger is coming "in (to) this direction" or "in (from) this direction", so should both options be accepted or am I missing something?


For one thing, the English sentence above ("Is that tiger in this direction?") is missing the verb: "coming".
Other than that, the tiger is not "coming in" as in "coming inside". The "in" belongs to the direction. "In this direction" - meaning toward the speaker.

The other way would be "coming from this direction", and not "coming in from this direction".

So, in that sense, only the "erre" ("in this direction") version is good.

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