"Is studying Vietnamese easy?"

Translation:Học tiếng Việt dễ không?

September 23, 2016



Không dễ lắm

September 23, 2016


Can someone please explain the difference between "phải không?" and "không?"

January 3, 2019


"Không" means no, or when it appears at the end of a sentence, it turns the sentence into a question that can have a yes or no answer ̣ie 'your name is Joseph, no?', bạn tên là Joseph không? when in English we say ' is your name Joseph?' 'Phải không is more insistent, bạn tên là Joseph, phải không? meaning is more like, your name is Joseph, isn't it? or Your name is Joseph, is that correct?

January 7, 2019


rất dễ

November 8, 2016


my answer was 'làm học Tiếng Việt là dễ, không? and was corrected to học Tiếng Việt có dễ, không? Why is có better than là here? I note the answer above leaves có / là out altogether

March 23, 2018


Why is 'việc học' marked wrong when that construction is commonly used elsewhere?

October 3, 2019
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