"Who are on the island?"

Translation:Kik vannak a szigeten?

September 23, 2016



To English native speakers out there!!! For me, as a non-native English speaker, it sounds very odd to ask "Who are on the island?" This sounds more like a relative clause than a question. So shouldn't it be "Who is on the island?" more specific: Can "who" be used in plural? (I know there are cases like, "Who are these people?" but otherwise?!)

September 23, 2016


Yes, you're correct. This should be written "Who is on the island?" (Of course, then it's impossible to determine from the English sentence that the Hungarian one should be plural.)

Just about only the only time you use "Who are..." in English is when you're talking about a very specific group of people. Usually with "these" or "those".

Who are those people walking toward us?
Who are these students?
Who are they?
Who are the victims of this crime?


Who is going to the party? (Singular even though probably multiple people are going.)
Who is responsible? (Even when you expect multiple people might be responsible). And of course,
Who is on the island?

September 23, 2016


Native English speaker here. You are absolutely right. If you don't know who or how many you are talking about, you ask "Who is...?"

October 16, 2016
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