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"You go down, you go into the dining room and you go over to the lamp: the key is there on the table."

Translation:Lemész, bemész az ebédlőbe és odamész a lámpához: a kulcs ott van az asztalon.

September 23, 2016



A bunch of adjectives and adverbs would make this impressive sentence even more awesome.


Run on sentence in English would actually be 3 sentences. Heh.


And I was fine until I got to the third one! I have missed it SEVEN times. a kulcs van ott az asztalon. <- why is this not accepted?


Wrong word order, meaning: it is the KEY, which is on the table (and not some other object). The original sentence says: the key is THERE. (And not somewhere else).


I know key is the topic, and it is supposed to be on the table, but I don't understand "van ott" vs. "ott van"


Sheesh, what a ridiculous sentence, using phrases and sentence structures we have barely encountered and then they expect us to translate it


the word choices were short by one "az." I will report it.


Why problem, if I write that You?


Why can't the final clause be "a kulcs ott az asztalon van"?


Why not elmesz instead of odamesz?


You are going there to the lamp and stopping, not going away to the lamp. It took me a while to figure it out, too.


But seriously, this sentence is not complicated enough. I would like one with lots more clauses, a small mistake on any of which is enough to fail.


It gets tougher in a couple of areas unfortunately. This is close to as bad as I have seen so far. I am having trouble keeping ebbe az országba straight now, and at at the same time getting all of the noun "from" suffixes down. I am almost to section 4

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