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  5. "Το πιάτο έχει οχτώ μπισκότα."

"Το πιάτο έχει οχτώ μπισκότα."

Translation:The plate has eight cookies.

September 23, 2016



If biscuits and cookies are both correct in the suggested answers, the translation " there are 8 cookies on the plate" should also be accepted as correct


Except we learned about the construction regarding the verb υπάρχουν. With translation exercises even though there can be more than one possible translation, the most obvious one is preferred. The most obvious one for the one you give is Υπάρχουν πέντε μπισκότα στο πιάτο. True, the sentences are semantically quite similar, but as you get used to DL options, you may appreciate better that sometimes the options are deliberately limited for a variety of reasons that may not be obvious at first.

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But you have changed the whole syntax of the sentence. The Greek says: "The plate has 8 cookies." What you have done is interpret the meaning to. A translation is not the same as an interpretation. What you need to do on duo is show the correct version in target language.

Read the comment by D_.. above yours.

Here is a link to the Greek Discussion Forum where you will find a lot of advice.


Look at these:




But the problem is that "The plate has 8 cookies" may be a literal translation, but it is not correct English. Greek clearly uses "έχει" in many contexts where "has" in not appropriate usage in English. Often the word "contain" works as a substitute (eg "το χάμπουργκερ έχει πατάτες"), but it doesn't work here because cookies (or biscuits in my parlance) are "on" a plate, not "in" a plate ("the bowl contains 8 biscuits", for instance, is correct, because biscuits would be "in" a bowl.)

I can't find a word to directly translate "έχει" that is correct or idiomatic usage, which means that the sentence has to be rephrased into a different syntactic form to be idiomatic English. "There are 8 cookies on the plate" seems to me to be the most obvious way of putting it, altho we could get closer to the original by writing "The plate has 8 cookies on it."


"the dish contains eight cookies" why is this wrong ?

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contains = περιέχει, περιλαμβάνει. I think you need to restrict your translations to more accurate vocabulary matching, this is always the case in Duolingo. :)


"There are eight biscuits in the plate." Is the expression "Το πιάτο έχει οχτώ μπισκότα." really used in Greek?


Yes, it is used. Your sentence would be "Υπάρχουν/Είναι οχτώ μπισκότα στο πιάτο" or "Στο πιάτο υπάρχουν/είναι οχτώ μπισκότα", all of which are equally valid.


There is some problem with this sentence . Because I used the same word but it is not correct and I can't go forward !


Is "οχτω μπισκοτα" in accusative?

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Yes, it is.

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