Translation:He produced a camera.

5 years ago



I can't understand this translation at all. I cannot imagine in what context one would say "it produced a camera." Cameras are manufactured. People use cameras. What is the intended meaning here?

5 years ago


That is an odd translation, unless it's a camera building robot - but how about a couple of crime-scene investigators... "Did the search produce anything?", "It produced a camera".

Okay, that's not a great context, but "He produced a camera" is also accepted, which makes a bit more sense.

5 years ago


In english "to produce" sometimes means "to turn over, do deliver, to reveal". e.g. "At the request of the police officer, he produced his driver's license." I assume spanish uses a similar construction.

5 years ago


is not also: 'you produced a camera'? Or would that be 'usted Produjo una cámara'?

5 years ago
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