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"Warum hast du keinen Zahnarzt?"

Translation:Why do you not have a dentist?

September 23, 2016



Weil ich Amerikaner bin...


Actually, I'm not sure that's true...

In the US it's recommended to go to the dentist to have your teeth cleaned (at least) twice a year. I've heard this isn't the case in many other countries; cleanings occur less often, only as needed, or not at all. (I've also heard that in "not at all" countries, gum disease is very common...)

So, my international Duo friends... what's your experience?


I have been to the dentist to have a cleaning in Panama, as well as Ecuador. Both times it was fine, the dentist did the actual cleaning, and both were thorough, and professional, using established protocols and universal precautions. Btw, not everyone NEEDS to go to the dentist twice a year, it is very individual, based on your own oral health and situation.Having said that, bear in mind, locals may not have the money to see to their dental needs, it may be a choice between more basic necessities of life. Many foreign dentists have trained to some extent in the US or Canada, or Europe.


Hi Brian - I think the reference is to whether people can afford to visit the dentist, not whether they choose to follow recommendations. In the UK, cleanings occur only when needed, as neither the Governement nor patients want to pay for unnecessary dental treatment - which possibly happens when the bill goes to an insurance company.


Here (in Germany near Frankfurt, with my health insurance) the dentist recommends (based on the individual oral health) how many teeth-cleanings you should have per year. You can get a little card from the health insurance company which the dentist stamps every time you come to have your teeth cleaned. At the end of the year you send this card to your health insurance company and they pay you back part of what you paid. That's a program which is used by some health insurance companies to reward members who themselves take care of their own health, since these tend to require less major medical interventions later on, which would then in any case be the responsibility of the health insurance funds. So basically it's about the company wants to save money, but it's also good for the insured. Btw: I pay ca. 77 € for a "PZR".


The English sentence sounds strange.


    Yes, I think most people would say it with the contraction "don't" which changes the word order slightly: "Why don't you have a dentist?". Duolingo seems to be largely allergic to contractions in English, though.


    Would "Why do you have no dentist" not be acceptable?


    It's grammatical, but it's not a common phrasing. That sentence sounds very strange to me as a native speaker.

    In questions in general, we usually opt for "don't have a/any X" rather than "have no X." That may be different from the statement version of the sentence, but it sounds much better.


    That's a perfectly fine English translation.


    Still not accepted. Reported.


    Report it so it can be corrected.


    weil ich habe keine Zähne :(

    *disclaimer-not sure if it's keine or keinsomethingelse


    "Weil ich keine Zähne habe" ist richtig


    Weil jeder Zahnarzt schon so viele Patienten hat, dass es nicht mehr möglich ist, bei ihm sich anzumelden.


    Hi! Can you please tell me what's the difference between Zahnarzt and Zahnärztin?


    "Zahnarzt" is a male doctor; "Zahnärztin" is a female doctor. German frequently makes this distinction in occupations with an "-in" to indicate female ("der Bauer / die Bäuerin"; "der Bäcker / die Bäckerin").


    Why keinen instead of kein? or keine if zahnarztin right?


    It's "Warum hast du keinen Zahnarzt" and "Warum hast du keine Zahnarztin?", using the male and female accusative endings appropriately.


    Hey Raisinnoir!
    Long time no speak! :P Hope you're doing alright!
    Vielleicht hätte ich das auf Deutsch schreiben sollen, denn wir hatten so viele Gespräche auf Deutsch :-)

    Kleines Ding: „Zahnärztin“ statt „Zahnarztin“

    Hoffe, duolingo wird bald was zurückbringen, womit wir uns kommunizieren können :)

    Bis bald!


    Hi Adam, Wie geht es Dir?? Ich stimme zu. Ich auch vermisse unsere Gespraeche! Hoffentlich wird das alles zuruck gehen. ( Ich habe kein Umlaut, und dazu bin ich eitwas faul! ) Tschuss!


    Mir geht's gut, danke :) Ich hoffe, dass dir alles auf der anderen Seite des Teichs gut läuft.
    Bis dann!

    (PS: Wenn es Probleme mit den Umlauten gibt, bleibt immer noch das übrige „e“ ;-)


    Es freut mich auf dich wieder zu hoeren! Wie ich gesagt habe, ganz zu oft bin ich zu faul das uebrige "e" zu benutzen!! Bis bald, mein Freund!


    Its accusative case


    Right, isn't that what I wrote?


    Is this wrong: "Why do you not have any dentist" ? Duolingo said, it is wrong...


    It's incorrect because you included the word any, it alters the meaning of the sentence slightly


      Exactly. I think the reason is that "any" is used for plurals or uncountable things rather than individual things: "Why don't you have any oranges?" or "Why don't you have any water?", for example.


      How would you say that in German then?


      Why did I not see "tooth doctor" until after I moused over. So obvious.

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