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troubleshoot XP assignments

I was so excited to see that I could assign XP goals for students so they could work at their own pace. I assigned weekly assignments to my classes, due every Friday. Students are clicking on the specific upcoming due date, but the XP credit is going to the furthest upcoming due date (say, three weeks away). This then shows up as a missed assignment on my dashboard, even though the student met the XP goal. This is also a problem in the mobile app.

Also, students who are attempting to complete overdue assignments are not receiving credit for their work in the overdue assignment. Instead, the credit is being applied to the newest assignment, often not due for several weeks.

Am I missing something in the settings on my end?


September 23, 2016



nope good job keep It up


I know right? My school, called Superschool, is having some problems with that. I put my one student on 20 XP per day, with the date due being one day after the other. He did 20 XP, but it went to the one that was due in six days instead of the one due in six hours. Therefore, i had to delete all of the 20 XP assignments. So my school is failing. Horribly.

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