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"Han løb ud af det brændende hus."

Translation:He ran out of the burning house.

September 23, 2016



Why not, He ran out of that burning house. ??


If you want to add extra emphasis like that, you can say "det der brændende hus".


'From the burning house' should also be accepted, surely.


When is "ud" used as opposed to "ude" ? In an earlier sentence about the singing men being far out at sea, "ude" was used to denote "far out in the sea" længt væk ude på havet. Now in this sentence, it is "ud". How do you know which one to use in a given situation?


Ud is used for a movement to the outside, and ude is used for being outside. That's also true for other pairs of words:

  • inside: ind (into), inde (being inside)
  • up: op (upwards), oppe (above)
  • down: ned (downwards), nede (below)
  • front: frem (to the front), fremme (in the front)


What a beautiful explanation. Tusind Tak, @RyagonIV.

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