"One man is eating bread."

Translation:Ένας άντρας τρώει ψωμί.

September 23, 2016

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I notice the two different spellings given for "man" (άνδρας and άντρας) and also for "eat" (τρώγει and τρώει). In each pair, is one an older spelling than the other? And is one to be preferred over the other? And under what circumstances? Thanks!


Άνδρας + άντρας are both used today. Linguistically, the word άνδρας follows the Ancient Greek orthography, whereas the word άντρας the Ancient Greek phonology. (Because δ was pronounced as /d/). So they orthography stayed the same, but people continued to use the old pronunciation, and because of that, new orthography was created. As a rule of thumb, in any word that β,δ is preceded by μ,ν they are pronounced as /b/,/d/. So when speaking, you will rarely hear άνδρας, δένδρο, γαμβρός etc, but άντρας, δέντρο, γαμπρός, but in written Greek, both are used evenly. Τρώγει and τρώει are both correct, too, but τρώγει is dialectal and less used (and older in terms of spelling). My grandma who is from Sparta, uses it a lot, though. :P


Beautiful! Thanks so much!

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