"A new magazine"

Translation:Cylchgrawn newydd

September 23, 2016

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I'm thinking that grawn is the mutated form of crawn, a store, hoard, accumulation; treasure (according to Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru). So, could the literal origin of cylchgrawn be a monthly (or yearly) accumulation of valuable information presented in a pamphlet that is sent regularly (cyclical) to a "circle" of subscribers? Maybe?


I'm guessing 'circular' in the sense of periodical.


As an American, cylchgrawn is an insane word! I'm having a hard time remembering that one...


There's "magasîn" in GPC for you. Accompanied by this quote, no less: "Magazin: an abominable word … ought by no means to be admitted" (Richard Morris).


why is it necessary with the 'pick the right word' exercise, to have a word twice, one in initial capital and one without? It kind of gives the game away that it's the word you need to put at the beginning.

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