"I swim. Do you swim?"

Translation:Εγώ κολυμπώ. Εσείς κολυμπάτε;

September 23, 2016



Is this wrong?: Εγώ κολουμβάω, και εσύ;

Of course, two separate sentences are given, but still...

September 23, 2016


    It is wrong here as you spotted, but you could say it. Be careful with the verb spelling, it's κολυμπάω (or κολυμπώ).

    September 23, 2016


    It's interesting to me and perhaps helpful to some that an ancient equivalent Gk verb is κολυμβάω. I'm guessing that volkan.ers1 may be leaning on his knowledge of ancient Gk for the spelling he provides? The response to be careful of the spelling is interesting, too, because the difference is the labials π and β. There is evidence for switch of those labials often in Gk papyri, ostraca, and inscriptions.

    December 11, 2018
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