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"They want to build many statues in order for the poor children to look and feel full."

Translation:Họ muốn xây nhiều tượng đài để những đứa trẻ nghèo có thể nhìn và cảm thấy no.

September 23, 2016



Vietnamese has 'có thể' but there is no 'can' in the English sentence. Would the English sentence be better as 'in order that the poor children can look and feel full'? Or could the Vietnamese skip the 'có thể' and just say 'để những đứa trẻ nghèo nhìn và cảm thấy no'?


...can look at.


Don't try to translate word by word, trying to fit one language's structure into the other's is the worst you can do when learning a language.

Learn that the natural way to say this in VN is 'có thể', and the natural way is 'in order to', learn then how you say "in order to" in VN, or even better, understand the meaning and learn how to build the sentence without thinkg in English.


Duo tends to insist on word-by-word translations and only what is programmed is accepted. BTW, "so that the poor children can... " would naturally include the potential form Duo seems to want. Strictly speaking, Duo's English does not include potentiality as it stands.


I appreciate the sentiment of what you're saying, but there are quite a few mistakes in the course and in many cases they wouldn't have been fixed without people pointing them out in the comments. I'm happy to be told that I'm wrong which is why I phrased my comment as a question. However, as I understand it, 'để' is 'in order that', and 'có thể' does not appear in the English sentence.


This is some hilarious political commentary! Well done!


Another bad translation


It's a mockery of what the Vietnamese officials are doing. They're spending taxes on building statues instead of helping our people!


Vietnamese and almost any country.


That is a whole debate a few years back.

The "no" side, well, tangentmonkeys says it well enough. The statue is said to have a f***ing expensive pricetag. That, and the statue is of President Ho Chi Minh, the online newspaper (now considered as a joke) said it first, and as usual, shit happened

The "yes" side said that the statue [of President Ho Chi Minh] was just one part of a full complex (including administrative offices, malls, restaurants...). And I have no idea what is happening there at the moment.


Is this supposed to be political satire? Before you get too clever, can you please consider the double meaning of the word 'look'. How am I supposed to know whether you mean the children look at the statues, or whether they look full?


Context. The sentence does not make sense with the second meaning.


Applause for this one


I think they are cold blood animals.


hay thế phản ánh hiện thực thế này. he he he


Câu này hay. Brilliant =))).


"They want to build many statues for the poor children to be able to look at and feel full" -- "be able to look at" would approximate the meaning of 'có thể'


What a meaningless statment!


so does "nhìn no" mean to look full? I would have thought it should be something like "co vẻ no"


No, to my understanding the 'nhìn' in this sentence means the children look at the statues (English sentence is not perfectly translated). 'có vẻ nó' would be 'seem full' or 'trông no' would be 'look full'


Thank you for the clarification (:


I am confused even i am vietnamese

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