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Na Bailéid - The Ballads

There is a series running on TG4 at the moment, delving into the history behind some of the best know Irish ballads. The show is primarily in Irish, with subtitles in English.


There have been 3 episodes so far:
Episode 1: (Cork/Kerry)
The Boys of Barr na Sráide
Mo Ghile Mear

Episde 2: North Munster
Eamon na Chnoic
The Cliffs of Dooneen

Episode 3: Connacht
The Rocks of Bawn
Dónall Óg
The West's Awake

September 23, 2016



Thanks for the link, I'm often at a loss on what to watch on that website, this is perfect!


This weeks episode covered

Episode 4:
Down by the Sally Gardens (Sligo)
She Moved through the Fair (Donegal)
Róisín Dubh (Donegal)


I've been watching this too, wonderful program. If you have an AppleTV or a ChromeCast hooked up to your TV, you can download the TG4 app and send it right to the teilifíseán :)


Episode 5:
The Mountains of Mourne
Ard a' Chuain (Airdí Cuan)
Carrickfergus / Do Bhí Bean Uasal

Episode 6:
Down By The Glenside
Óró, Sé Do Bheatha 'Bhaile
Raglan Road


Beautiful rendition of Skibereen by Don Stiffe. He also sings with The Kilfenora Ceile Band. Magic!!

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