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Mobile... Frustrated. [Solved]

Ok... Makes no sense.

Why isn't Duolingo Hungarian available for mobile when it clearly works.

I thought otherwise, but while inside the subway I mistakenly tapped the strengthen skills with the data connection unstable and IT WORKED!

It is kind of an exploit. Keep tapping where the strengthen skills is while it is opening, and it lets you do the beta course in the mobile.

I am saying that coz I lose precious minutes while commuting... Would be superb to be able to do the course in the mobile. Even if it is still beta. =/

Edit: Updated the app, and it is now solved!

September 24, 2016



What platform are you on? I can't speak for Android, but I know Hungarian is on iOS already.


So sorry. Usually my apps "self-update" themselves... Duo wasn't updated, so I was constantly receiving the warning "hungarian wasn't supported".

Updated and now fixed!

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