"Él ofreció su casa para el festival."

Translation:He offered his house for the festival.

February 6, 2013

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why my answer "he offered his house for the PARTY" wasn't accepted?


Technically "party" is "fiesta." I got a heart knocked off for that, too.


Party and festival is not the same.


"offered up" was one of the possible translations when I hovered the word. Yet it got rejected.


I never use any translation offered other than the one at the top of the list. At DL, it sometimes appears the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing.


The "possible translations" are the equivalent of definitions in a dictionary. Not all definitions are appropriate in all contexts.

However, if you put in a translation that you think should be correct and it is not accepted, please report it by clicking the "Report" button in the exercise. The course creators don't read every comment to every sentence discussion, but they do get the reports. Thanks!


Why para and not por? Wondering...


Por would mean he is offering to trade his house for the festival.


I think if there is a recipient you use "para". "The apple is for her" = "La manzana es para ella", Ella is a recipient of the apple. I guess "the festival" was the recipient of the "house". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cBJoq479NM That video explains 4 uses of "para" and if a sentence does not fit one of the 4 rules you can usually can get by with "por".


POR - Motion/Direction - Duration of action - Means of action - Support for - Go in search of - Because of / account of / behalf of - In exchange for - Unit measure (kilometros por hora) - Passive (by)

PARA - Destination/direction - Deadline/time (by/for) - To achieve a goal - Recipient (para senor X) - Comparison - Working "para" someone - Opinion


it wanted me to answer "fest". Is this a word in English? Maybe so, but using the word "fest" in place of festival is incredibly rare and is not a natural thing to hear.


Is it considered improper English to say " offered up"?


"The correct solution" suggests "fest" instead of festival, and marks as a 'typo' when I write feast. WHAT*S wrong with DL?


I got the same correct solution. Who uses the word "fest"?


how do we know that "su" refers to "his" house ? "su" can signify "his, her, its, or their", so maybe he is being cheeky and offering her house instead of his own. Answer: we do not know without context. DL also accepts "he offered her house for the festival"


My answer "He offered his house for the party" - the 'correct' answer

You used the wrong word. He offered his house for the fest. What is a fest???


That has German overtones. Octoberfest is a great party in Munich

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