"The baby has a beautiful red nose."

Translation:Το μωρό έχει μία όμορφη κόκκινη μύτη.

September 24, 2016

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I am baffled by the difference between ωραίος and όμορφος. A girl can be ωραία but not a nose? Can you avoid the problem by using just one word for all?


The literal meaning of ωραίος, ωραία, ωραίο is nice, while όμορφος, όμορφη, όμορφο means beautiful. In general these two adjectives are considered synonymes, therefore both are correct. We forgot to add ωραία as an alternative, but we have corrected it!


Το μωρό έχει όμορφη κόκκινη μύτη was marked wrong I did not write μία as the baby is very unlikely to have two or more noses


Yes, that would work. It's been added to the alternatives, thank you for your comment. ^.^


...and his name shall be Rudolph!

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