"Nem halljátok?"

Translation:Don't you hear it?

September 24, 2016

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Is it always pronounced like hajátok, even if there are two ll?


Yes, it's pronounced as "hajjátok" with long "j". This is called "írásban jelöletlen teljes hasonulás".


Köszönöm! I thought, that it is only the case with simple lj. When i heard it, i thought it was: Don't you go shipping!


Why is «don't you hear» wrong? How do I know there has to be an «it»?


Because the verb "halljátok" is in the definite conjugation, that is, it has an implied object. It is transitive, if you like.

hall-JÁ-tok - "já" is the definite part in this case.

The indefinite version would be "hallotok":

hall-o-tok - I guess the "o" is just a buffer sound.

Here is the whole table for you, indefinite-defnite:

hallok - hallom
hallasz - hallod
hall - hallja

hallunk - halljuk
hallotok - halljátok
hallanak - hallják


I wrote: Don't you hear that? Is is really incorrect, or simply not included in the key?

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