"I feel dizzy from this movie."

Translation:Én szédülök ettől a filmtől.

September 24, 2016

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Most of them make sense by their meaning: -ről ~ from on top, or from (on top of) that place -től ~ from that object or person -ből ~ from being inside that thing or situation It might always be useful to check though, most dictionaries include their usage

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    Thanks! -ba/-ből, -ra/-ről, makes sense


    Én is not neccesary.. you can also just say szédülök, meaning I am dizzy


    Is there any way to guess ahead of time that it should be "-től", rather than "-ről" (or "-ből")?


    If something is inducing a feeling in you, it's most often described with -től. For instance "fél vmitől" - to be afraid of something.


    Although you do not have to memorize genders for Hungarian, you do need to memorize what case a verb takes (and it can vary with meaning). So you learn "szédül vmitől". (Opps - edited)

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      Why is this not accepted?

      "ettől a filmtől szédülök" ?

      We need more help with the word order, it's SO confusing.


      So -tól may also mean the reason of something, "because of"? Like miatt?


      as @RyagonIV mentioned, if you can feel somehow "because of sth", then you can use -tól/-től


      Ma'r sze'du:lo:k to:led! Can I say like that?


      Well, it's grammatically correct just a bit unusual. Like how would someone make you dizzy? A more common example could be: "I feel dizzy from how you drive" or "Szédülök attól, ahogy vezetsz". Another similar example is: "you make me puke" or "hányok tőled". You say this when you loathe someone.


      You make me dizzy, miss Lizzy :) (c) The Beatles


      ettol a filmtol szedulok.Why is this sentence wrong?Forget about the accents,DUO is NOT case sensitive


      Mercedes, note that casing is something different than accents. Casing regards the size of the letters. Also the accents are particularly important in Hungarian, making 'o', 'ó', 'ö' and 'ő' all different letters in their own right. I do think Duolingo treats them as such.

      Nonetheless, your sentence is correct.


      If I say ebből a filmből am I talking about taking something out of the film? By that, I mean something that I derive or learn from it. Ebből a filmből is an expression I have seen.

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