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  5. "A június szép hónap."

"A június szép hónap."

Translation:June is a beautiful month.

September 24, 2016



what is the rule with articles before month names? When are they necessary and when can we ommit them?


We were taught in one of the early lessons that for statements that are generalizations, we should always use the definite article. This statement is a generalization therefore we need to use 'A' (the, the definite article).


I am confused by the pronounciation on this one. It sounds like the s in június is silent or is pronounced together with the sz of szép. Is this due to the recording or is there a rule when s is followed by sz?


Joseph, that is typically what happens when two sibilants are next to each other in Hungarian - they will merge when you're pronouncing it. Usually it's handled so that the second sibilant takes precedence, so "június szép" will be pronounced like "júniusszép", with a double-sz in the middle.


The June is a nice month. I reported it


Miért nem the a June elé?

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