"A június szép hónap."

Translation:June is a beautiful month.

September 24, 2016



what is the rule with articles before month names? When are they necessary and when can we ommit them?

December 28, 2016


We were taught in one of the early lessons that for statements that are generalizations, we should always use the definite article. This statement is a generalization therefore we need to use 'A' (the, the definite article).

March 8, 2017


Whilst we may say that June is a beautiful or pretty month, more often than not it would be described as "nice" i.e. as in "a nice time of the year"......but "nice" unfortunately isn't accepted.

September 24, 2016


I believe "nice" is accepted now, but the consensus is that it is "a pretty month", igaz?

February 7, 2018


I would call months or seasons or times in general rather "beautiful" than "pretty", but that might be personal taste. :)

March 10, 2018


The June is a nice month. I reported it

May 14, 2017
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