"Májusban meleg van."

Translation:It is warm in May.

September 24, 2016

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Is there anything wrong with "May is warm"?


Pedants would say something like "Are you taking the temperature of your calendar now?"
I'd just like to remind you that májusban means "in May" and your translation should reflect that, if possible.


Then I'd be pedantic and say that "May" isn't a calendar, and that it is the name of the time period of a month. You can be pedantic and say that the concept of a time period of 1–31 May can't itself be hot, and only the weather of that time period. But I'd say it's close enough to be accepted as a statement; May is usually warm.


Sometimes on this course "meleg" equates to "warm" and other times it can be "hot" "it is HOT in May" doesn't work here, so are we to gather that May isn't ever likely to get hot in Hungary? unlike flaming June?


May in Hungary is indeed not as hot as the summer months. But in a good year it can in fact be beautiful.


Indeed vvsey it is can be szép


Not this year. At least not in New England!

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