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  5. "Η πλημμύρα ήταν μικρή."

"Η πλημμύρα ήταν μικρή."

Translation:The flood was small.

September 24, 2016



"the flooding" is as good an answer as "the flood", isn't it ?


How can a flood be small?


It sounds vaguely oxymoronic, doesn't it. A dainty deluge.


Why is "inundation" wrong??


Surely Minor would be a more idiomatic translation (but not accepted)

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Thanks, it has been added.


again: Why is "inundation" wrong?

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Yes, we will add "inundation" but a native English speaker would not usually use it as a noun. But you seem to have found it in a dictionary. It's best to appreciate the work done by the team to give you a normal interpretation of the Greek. And we are teaching Greek here and the best way to learn it is to use the hints given.

See here:

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2 Read the Tips & notes, on the first page of each lesson you’ll see TIPS. Click on that.

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