"Do you see the ground?"

Translation:Βλέπεις το έδαφος;

September 24, 2016

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I got knocked back for βλέπεις το χώμα, on the basis that it should have been βλέπετε, which seems like the wrong reason for rejecting the translation.


I don't understand why it shouldn't be Βλέπεις στο έδαφος. Isn't "ground" the direct object of "you see", and if so, shouldn't we then use the accusative versus the nominative case?


The ground in this sentence is in the accusative. Το έδαφος is a neuter noun and does not change G /A. Στο is a contraction of σε + τον /το /την etc. Meaning on, to, at etc. Adding "to" here is incorrect in Greek and English.


Are there a lot of neuter nouns ending in -ος ? What is the plural?

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