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"Ο ζωολογικός κήπος έχει πέντε ρινόκερους."

Translation:The zoo has five rhinos.

September 24, 2016



"The zoo has five rhinoceros" was marked wrong. It should be correct, as the name of the animal is rhinoceros, and the plural of the animal also is rhinoceros. I get that people shorten it to rhino, but the proper name should be accepted.


the definition of a zoo in English is a zoological garden the same as in Greek but the question would only accept zoo is this something grammatical that I have not understood ?


I believe it has been accepted- in principle. I am not sure why it has not been added.


"zoological garden" is still not accepted although it is given in the hints for "ζωολογικός". How is that even possible?


Neushoorn! (veterans of the Dutch course will understand)


noshörning in Sw. and μονόκερος is unicorn in English so ρινόκερος could be nosecorn


I am sure "ο ζωολογικόσ κήπος" means "the zoological garden" and does not translate as "zoo" I used the complete wording, duolingo asked me for shorten version.


hmmmmm how is in greek singular one rhino and plural two rhinos?


It is a completely regular ancient noun: ο ρινός, οι ρινοί/ the nose, the noses. From it we have the borrowed rhino- words for nose in English: rhinology/ ρινολογία, rhinoplasty/ ρινοπλαστική ...


Refresh my memory, does the verb έχω always require the object to be in the accusative case like in this sentence?


Zoological garden should be correct



I wrote: five rhinos

They accepted it, but mentioned:

"You have an extra space. The zoological garden has fiverhinos."

Yes, I did have an extra space (compared to them) between five and rhinos. :D

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