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What future languages are planned?

I can't seem to find any solid info on this. I am learning Norwegian at present as well as Esperanto and would love these languages to be supported as it can be hard to find practice elsewhere.

June 16, 2012



I'm hoping Norwegian will come, then I can invite my boyfriend :D He doesn't care to learn any of the ones currently implemented.


Portuguese, Italian and Chinese will come next. So far the official plan. I guess they will do wider spread languages first before offering Norwegian or at least Esperanto. Spanish and French are widely used, also Chinese. Portuguese will be offered because it is very similar to Spanish so it is not that much work and Brazil becomes an economic interesting country now. Italian will be offered, because it is also very similar to Spanish an French.

My tip is, that the next languages after the official announced ones could be Russian, Japanese and maybe Arabic. But don't wait for it, they will need their time.

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