"There are many big windows on the new building."

Translation:Az új épületen sok nagy ablak van.

September 24, 2016

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Still having some trouble with the word order: Why is this no good "Az új épületen van sok nagy ablak."?


Because, as always, what's in front of the verb gets emphasized. So, what you would be saying could be understood as "The many new windows are on the building (and not on the horse)", for example. Imagine it as an answer to the question "What has many windows?" Or "On what are many windows?"

But with a different emphasis you could make it work like the sentence above. Yet, it is unusual at best. Sounds a bit like "ta-daaa, the new building has many windows!"

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What about 'sok nagy ablak van az új épületen'? Would this be more appropriate? And how does it differ from the standard version that you gave us, with the verb at the end?


This one is perfect. And there is not much difference, just a slight change in emphasis.


Because it sounds strange and has a clumsy looking, The verb "van" should be at the end in this case.


It's correct... I got the same thing

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Could you end the sentence with ablakok vannak instead of ablak van? Or does sok sort of work like a number where the number takes on plural aspect instead of the noun and verb?


Nouns are always singular in this case. Windows = ablakok Many windows = sok ablak Three windows = három ablak


Why in this sentence we do not say " az ùj èpúleten sok nagy ablakok vannak".


Because sok determines the amount of windows (which works as it works with numbers). This means that you don't have to use plural anymore

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