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"Το καπέλο είναι τόσο όμορφο όσο το φόρεμα."

Translation:The hat is as beautiful as the dress.

September 24, 2016



" The hat is" in written English. The hat's brim is wide, possessive case demands an apostrophe, but here there is no possession so you have to write "The hat is".


Well actually, the contraction "hat's" of "hat is" is perfectly acceptable in written English. It depends upon whether you are talking about formal written English or not. Either way, it's allowed, as much as "it's" is allowed, but it's kind of frowned upon as long as its writing is not in a professional document.

Saying "the hat is" is certainly clearer, however.


I agree; we would probably say the hat's as beautiful as the dress but would be more likely to write 'the hat is '

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