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  5. "Над столом окно."

"Над столом окно."

Translation:There is a window above the table.

September 24, 2016



Would "A window (is) over a table" not work or is that too broad for the translation?

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"A window is over a table" should in principle work, and you should report it. But be warned that "There is a window above the table" is a better translation; your translation would be closer to "Окно над столом" - it informs us about the location of a window rather than what's above the table. The difference is not too crucial in this case (particularly since you used "a window" rather than "the window") , but you should educate yourself about the information contained in the Russian word order: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13955228


Спасибо за ссылку


Can Над столом окно also mean "the window is on the table". I know that there might not be might be many situations to say this, but I imagined a situation where 2 construction workers talk with each other and they are talking about a window that is not placed in a wall (just the component lying on a table).


"a window over the table" was termed incorrect. Над translates as over and there is no way a native English speaker can anticipate words that are not in the Russian sentence.


Well I think by now you should get the pattern... Russian language doesn’t use “to be” at present tense but in English that’s a pretty important verb.

I think if you would have wrote “A window IS over the table” it would’ve been accepted


wrote that a no it isn't


Doesn't she pronounce this like a question??


She pronounces as a question, therefore "is there a window above the table" should be also ok


Above the table there is a window is perfectly correct English but marked wrong in favour of There is a window above the table. We say it both ways here in England!


When does над (imply there)? I always get these Russian sentences wrong because the russian translation adds words that are not in the sentence!!!


"Над" literally means "above".

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