"The curtain in your room is blue."

Translation:Η κουρτίνα του δωματίου σου είναι μπλε.

September 24, 2016

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Shouldn't "η κουρτίνα στο δομάτιο σου είναι μπλε" be an acceptable answer?


And more accurate in a way too.

δωμάτιο with ω ;)

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it is accepted now 11-April-2018


If "στο δωμάτιο σας" is not accepted, and only "του δωματίου σου" is accepted, then the English sentence should be "the curtain of your room" instead of "in", right? Otherwise, can you please explain? :) Thanks


You are perfectly right. It was just an omission on our part. ;)


Schouldn't "...έχει μπλε χρώνα" also be accepted? I checked it several times, the rest of my sentence is identical with the required answer.


Why is "η κουρτίνα του δωματίου σας είναι μπλε" not correct?


Could someone please explain me what's wrong with the following?

η κουρτίνα μέσα στο δωμάτιο σου είναι μπλε


I am wondering the same thing. As I understand, in this context στο would mean "in" and μεσα στο would mean "inside." And both should work, but maybe στο is the more direct translation? My instinct was to go with μεσα στο.


i wrote the right answer and it considers it wrong. It is annoying


If you gave the exact same answer but was not accepted, please file a bug report here https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new. Forum moderators and course contributors have no control over such things and Duolingo staff should be alerted to this.
Bear in mind that answers with a capital letter that looks identical but has been typed in a different language keyboard are not accepted, e.g. Η (Gr) vs H (English).


Once again, my answer registered as incorrect. However, I cannot see where I made a mistake. My answer is blurred out on the screen. This is not helpful.

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