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  5. "What is the amount?"

"What is the amount?"

Translation:Πόσο είναι το ποσό;

September 24, 2016



Does this sound as funny to a native Greek speaker as it does to me?


    Not really, but I see what you mean. An alternative used all the time is "Ποιο είναι το ποσό;" Πόσο is 'how much' in any case, so my alternative is more accurate! :)


    I thought I had got τι and ποιο straight in my head and now this sentence has me wondering again. Please why is it not "τι είναι .; ." as in " τι αγόρασες;" ?

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    Τι είναι In Greek has the meaning of "what kind, or what meaning, "how do you describe". What is your dream?=(Wrongly translated as τι)Τι είναι το όνειρό σου, in greek would get an answer like "my dream is colorful/vibrant/unattainable". Τί είναι το ποσό would get an answer like "the sum total of two or more quantities or sums; aggregate." in greek.


    Very interesting and useful. I've always wondered about this too. Thanks.

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