"What is the tallest peak?"

Translation:Ποια είναι η μεγαλύτερη κορυφή;

September 24, 2016

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I Wrote "ψηλότερη" instead of "μεγαλύτερη". I think this is a more accurate translation of tallest..


Yes, of course. We cannot edit the Greek at this stage but I've reported it for the review. I've also added "highest" to the Eng. Thank you very much for your always exact and helpful comments. You can also edit on the exercise page at the bottom where it says: Report a problem. But please be specific, as you are here, with the word or expression you think needs to be added or removed. And even suggest whole sentences as alternatives. Your input is very much appreciated and helps perfect the course.


I never noticed this option :-P Now I will report instead of comment. Thank you very much


Why not "Ποια είναι η κορυφή ψηλότερη;"?


The adjective..ψηλότερη comes before the noun in Greek.

η κορυφή ψηλότερη

While you can oftn change the word order in Greek this is one place it's fixed.


υψηλότερη was marked wrong here. Would that work too? Is there a difference in meaning between ψηλότερη and υψηλότερη?


Only intangible things can be "υψηλ--" (costs, percentages etc).


Thanks. That's very helpful.

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