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Is anything wrong with the sound today?

So, today the sound of the Greek course has been sounding very weird and annoying. What is going on? Is it just me? The French course sounds just fine to me...

September 24, 2016


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I have just started to check out the course, and the sounds in the ABC's seems ok.
Please take note of : incubator announcement for Greek
Where they talk about some challenges with the audio, and that they are aware of issues and looking into them.

Please be aware the course is just recently in Beta release, so your patience as minor hiccups are identified and ironed out are appreciated.


So maybe it is just me. I also hear it like that in the ABCs. And I don't understand why, I have Adobe Flash actualized, and I had been hearing it perfectly right until yesterday! I hope it resolves soon...

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I hope it does also. Maybe though it is a regional thing. I suspect this is sometimes the case for myself.
Hearing the sounds, and being able to associate them with the Greek letters and words, is an important part to learning to speak a language for those of us who know how to read/write.
It provides another important way to engage our learning and memory retention - which is enhanced the more of our senses and thought processes we can engage in aiding our learning.

So , like you - I also hope it is resolved soon. Thanks also for opening this discussion about this problem you are experiencing.


I've only been hanging around the ABCs, but the sound seems fine there.

Does anyone know if and when a microphone "speaking" section will be added?

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