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Word List for Hungarian

Please Please Please...add a word list to the Hungarian Duolingo as is available for example in the French version. With regret I gave up on this language version because I did not keep a list of words I had learnt so I could refer to them, expecting the program to do this. Wrong. Also...a really important comment I think. If indeed Hungarian is a phonetic language....then why Oh why do you not start with teaching and explaining the alphabet. It would have been a big help.

September 24, 2016



There is a word list, you just can't access it normally.

1) Switch to a language for which you can normally access the word list - French will work just fine.

2) Open a new Duolingo tab.

3) In the first tab, change your language to Hungarian.

4) In the second tab, which should look like it's still in French, go to the words list.

5) Profit!


This doesn't appear to work anymore. Does anyone know of another work around?


Explaining the alphabet is very important indeed. I knew it already when I started this course so it was no issue for me but I think it is very important for any new learner and adding it somehow should be considered.

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