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"Είναι καλό να έχεις ένα κατοικίδιο."

Translation:It's good to have a pet.

September 25, 2016



could it be translated by : "it's good that you have a pet" ?


No, this would be Είναι καλό που έχεις ένα κατοικίδιο or Είναι καλό ότι έχεις ένα κατοικίδιο :)


Does the "verb" after να changes depending on the person? I understand why Tomvince asked that and your answer but...


Since we are learning about "Gerunds", a better translation (I believe) would be: "It is good having a pet". I used this and DL said it was "Correct".


Ok, I have read all the comments and am a native English speaker. I, too, wondered about the 'έχεις' and entered 'It is good that you have a pet' (Tomvince!) which was accepted. :)

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