"The basketball team scored eighty points."

Translation:Η ομάδα μπάσκετ σκόραρε ογδόντα πόντους.

September 25, 2016

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Does anyone know when to use πόντους and when πόντοι for plural? Or are there two separate words for points? I'm lost.


Πόντοι is the nominative case, it is used for the subject of the sentence. Πόντους is the accusative case, which is used for the object of the sentence. In this sentence, the team scored points, so it is the direct object of the sentence.


I think "η ομάδα του μπάσκετ" is also correct


Thank you. I've added it. Good catch.


Η μπάσκετ ομάδα is not correct like in english? Why is this?


Because each language has its own rules and you can't just translate the words one by one, you also need to structure the sentence in a way that makes sense in the target language. :)
While English allows two nouns one after the other, with the first one becoming a 'noun modifier' (like an adjective in practical terms), Greek uses the opposite structure, where effectively the modifier is the second noun. So when translating you need to focus on which word is the noun and which is the 'adjective'. The grammar behind it is a bit more complicated in Greek but following that logic you'll be able to interpret a good number of phrases.

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¿Why not ‘της καλαθοσφαίρισης’?


Η ομάδα της καλαθοσφαίρισης σκόραρε ογδόντα πόντους. has been added.


Now I know the right order for ομάδα μπάσκετ, but there was no way to know it from the dropdown hints. "The basketball" was grouped, with the primary translation of "του μπάσκετ", and "team" had only "η ομάδα". If the whole phrase "η ομάδα μπάσκετ" could be added to the dropdown hints it would be helpful :)


Yes, thank you, that's how it should have been. I've fixed ti.

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