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  5. "Ffoniwch Mam!"

"Ffoniwch Mam!"

Translation:Phone Mum!

September 25, 2016



Uh oh, someone's in trouble


"phone mam" i do not have a typo in my answer. i don't call my mother "mum".


You can now call her Mam in both languages - just added it to the English answer.


This sounds like one sibling telling the other to friggin' call mom, NOW! Which is .. a very .. hmm .. distant and formal sibling relationship there :P I would never tell my brothers in German 'Rufen Sie Mama an!' (formal 'you'), and I sincerely hope that Welsh siblings don't usually end up estranged enough to use the formal form of ordering each other about ;)


The -wch form is used when addressing an individual on a formal basis, but also any two or more people, familiar or formal.

So here, it could be sibling 1 shouting at siblings 2-5 because sibling 6 has just fallen over/been arrested/fallen ill with plague/etc.


I was mostly just kidding too but yeah LOL That could definitely be true as well .. I'll remember to yell that at my brothers next time I catch them together and confuse the ever-living hell out of them ;)

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