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  5. "Η κούπα του είναι μπλε."

"Η κούπα του είναι μπλε."

Translation:His cup is blue.

September 25, 2016



Is κούπα synonymous with φλιτζάνι?


    Without any context I'd say κούπα is a mug-cup, but φλιτζάνι is smaller, like a tea cup. However, a lot of the time you hear "κούπα του καφέ" or "φλιτζάνι του τσαγιού" when talking about quantities, and it seems to me that "κούπα του καφέ" is a bit ambiguous as it could be the size of a tea cup too, for cappuccinos etc. :) But φλιτζάνι is definitely smaller in any case and possibly finer or more elaborately decorated than a κούπα.


    I use φλιτζάνι for every type of cup/mug and φλιτζανάκι for the really small cups used for greek coffee. I wasn't even aware of a difference. (native speaker)


    What is the defining criterion of a κούπα as opposed to a ποτήρι ? Does a κούπα have to have a handle?


    Yes ;) Colloquially, "κούπα" is also used to refer to trophies in sports.

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