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"Az autó a rendezők és a színészek között halad."

Translation:The car is moving between the directors and actors.

September 25, 2016



Did anybody else feel like she basically skips the "a" before rendezok? And in a couple of these sentences she skips the consonant in "vagytok" so it sounds like "vartok". I mean, maybe among fluent speakers this kind of thing is alright, but for the sake of learning, it would be nice if she at least enunciated.


Yes, no "a" to hear, before the rendezök! :-(


I also have a feeling she skips this "a":/


exactly, still no ''a'' before rendezök. Impossible to get this correct.


I don't hear the "a" either no matter how I listen to it.


Maybe it's changed, because I can hear it just fine.


28-április-2020 and it still sound like it rushed through. I got burned the first time through and it would have been a perfect score. :(


It is strange no one can hear "a". I can hear it.

And the speaker speaks unnaturally slowly compared to real life speech...


Among should be accepted as translation for között. Reported


The a after rendezo is not pronunciated


I must have been the 27th person to report it just now :). It still sounds like it was missing.


En aucun cas,nous n'entendons la parole a devant le mot rendezök , à la diction. Dommage, ça gêne et gâche quelque peu l'apprentissage de cette langue déjà assez difficile à assimiler. Under no circumstances do we hear the word a in front of the word "rendezök" in diction. It's hinders and spoils a bit the learning of this language already quite difficult to assimilate.

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