"The cheese dish."

Translation:Το πιάτο του τυριού.

September 25, 2016

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"The dish of the cheese" ... trying to get my head around these genitive sentences!


The Greek is not really a problem. It is the English that can have various meanings.
It could be: The dish/plate: we use for cheese.
The dish/plate: with cheese in it. The dish/plate of cheese. With cheese in it.

The Greek has all those meanings and which it is can be understood through the context. For Duo where it is just a sentence without context, any of these is correct. >The cheese dish<. >The cheese plate.< >The plate of cheese.< >The dish of cheese.<

For a very good link with very clear explanations click here

Any questions just ask.

("The dish/plate of the cheese" is not correct)


Thanks, that's really helpful! That wasn't intended as a criticism by the way, I just commented as part of my own personal struggle to get my head around what I was learning - and I'm glad I did because your comment set me right and pointed me at a very helpful resource!


You're welcome and I'm glad it helped. It didn't seem like a criticism just a question about the exercise. That's what we're here for and we appreciate all input both because it helps the learner and it helps us improve the course. Best wishes on further learning.

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